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Everybody has things they want in life. It could be more money, a better relationship, more time, better wife, and husband, more riches and so on. Irrespective of what you want to achieve in life, there is a universal principle in the world that works like gravity that would help you to achieve them. Even if you do not know what this law is all about, it is still effective in you. The principle is called the law of attraction and affirmations. These literally get whatever it is you want in life.

Law of attraction and affirmations guide everything that happens to you in your life. You can benefit a lot from this principle if you follow the right routines. The law would never work if you follow it with a negative energy. There are sets of things you must do to benefit from law of attraction and affirmations. Here are some of the routines you can observe to benefit from the law of attraction and affirmations.


thoughts become things

First thing you must do is to set your intentions and aspire towards achieving those intentions you have set. This is a vital and difficult step, most people do not achieve what they want in life because they do not set the intentions, and where they set it, they do not work towards achieving them. For instance, it is the desire of most people to achieve financial freedom; you can achieve that when you do everything it takes to achieve that freedom. You should never allow your past and current situations to hold you back from becoming what you want in life. You should always consider both your past and current situation as something fresh and clean. Move towards achieving your goals by taking the decision and standing by the decision you took. When you make that intention, you must make that intention your major priority by focusing most of your energies towards achieving it.

Use these saying to help guide your mind to getting what you want.

You should know that it is a good idea to make a good intention; you have to follow that intention up by fashioning out ways of achieving your intentions. Keep those intentions and strategies to yourself. Avoid seeking opinions of other people except if you were sure that such person is an expert in that field, and that he would help you to drive your intention to achievable goals. If you meet a non-expert, he would become a distraction to the manifestation of your dreams.

The journey for success is like a trip and you must get your mind ready for that important life trip. At this time, you must become specific of those things that you want to achieve and set specific goals on how you go about attracting those things to your life. When the goals are set, the next things that follow should be the burning desire within you to achieve those goals. You do not have to wait for the desire to become manifesting, you should think about how you can achieve them through your efforts. You must be obsessed by those desires and do whatever it would take you to achieve them.

Moreover, you should know that before you get what you want in life, you must have the strong belief that you can achieve them and this would push out those positive energies in you. These positive energies would help you to achieve them.



When you map out your positive intention, you have to follow it up with positive thoughts and beliefs. Negative beliefs and doubt are enemies of success because these neutralize positive intentions. You have to change your mind set before you can achieve your goals. You have to do away with those limiting beliefs, instead you should be one hundred percent certain within yourself before your desires would begin to manifest in your life.

Furthermore, you must let go resistance thoughts and beliefs. Resistance thoughts and beliefs are the major factors that prevent many people from getting what they want through law of attraction and affirmations.  Subconscious and automatic resistance to such things as health, money, people, events, subjects, and many other things prevent people from acquiring riches and enjoying the goodies of life. This resistance manifests in different ways, but it usually occurs as a negative reaction to positive thoughts. This is why you could hear people say, I was not good enough or I know I cannot achieve that and so on. Resistance thoughts are obstacles to your success, because it constitutes your inner energy and always blocks energy flow.

If you must achieve success, you must look for ways of tackling resistance thoughts. You have to replace negative thoughts and resistance with constant affirmations. See our step by step guide to doing this here.  Affirmations for success are indispensable if you want to achieve success in your life. No matter how difficult life situation may be, you can make changes by following the law of attraction and affirmations.

By your affirmations to success, you would attract only positive forces, which would enlighten you and enable you to see the good things you desire to achieve in life. It is important you realize that affirming your success is very important, because it accompanies the law of attraction. It would help you achieve success by clearing your mind of those negative forces and things that act as obstacles to your success. It would focus your minds only on those positive factors and energies that help you to achieve your goals.

Affirmations for your success are inseparable part of attraction and you need it to become successful. By constantly conditioning and affirming yourself, you would achieve those successes you have been dreaming about without breaching the law or harming other people in your way to success. You can achieve your success without indulging to illegal activities.

Negative thoughts would never take you to anything meaningful. Replace negative thoughts with affirmation, because it would bring the desired change you want in your life. Affirmation empowers your manifestations and it makes all the positive desires you want in life possible. However, you should not forget that it requires a little push. You are the only person that would do that push. PS: check out our guide to attracting your soulmate here.

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